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Facebook Scam: Check if a friend has deleted you.

The Scam
check if a friend has deleted you > + [ Link ]

The Break Down
Facebook users may notice some of their friends posting a message claiming that you can check if someone has deleted you. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK given in the post. The post may look similar to the example below.


If you get drawn in by this message and click the link that is provided you will be transferred to the following application drop page.


On this page you're prompted to click the "Install" button to install an application named "Facebook Friend Checker". You should note there is a real application available with this name. THIS IS NOT THE REAL APPLICATION. If you fall for the ploy, you will be taken to the "Application Request For Permission" screen you see below.


As we can see, you are now requested to install an application named "checkifa". It ask for quite a lot of access to your profile. It is very important that you stop and look at these application screens and not allow applications which you know nothing about to have this kind of access to your profile. Plus to note: THIS APPLICATION IS A FAKE. This application is requesting all of these permissions because once you click allow, the following messages will be posted to your wall without your knowledge and you haven't even been shown what was promised in the original message.


While your friends see the above messages pop up in their news feeds, (Spamming Them), you are shown that you must now complete a quick human verification process to continue. Sadly these are nothing more than surveys and this is nothing more than a Survey Scam. You will not be able to continue until you complete one of them. It is advised that you do not continue. See example.


Special note on this scam. If you try to navigate away from the surveys by closing the tab or your browsers window you will be prompted by the following screen.


The message seems to imply that you should stay and help keep this Spam free on facebook. lol, Yea, the spam is free on facebook, and right now you want to get away for this free spam. I advise that you do not do so by clicking any of the options given to you. This could be a malicious trap. If you are in this situation, where a page is trying to hold you captive, exit your browser completely by doing the following.
  1. Hit the key combination "Ctrl+Alt+Delete"
  2. Now in your windows "Task Manager", under the "Processes Tab", find the name of your "Browser" and select it with your mouse.
  3. Finally Click the "End Process" button. This will close your browser for you.
It is important that you never hand over any personal information, such as: email addresses, cell number, name, home address or credit card numbers, to these types of scams. If you do, you are simply setting yourself up to be spammed or worst. If you've given your cell number to and of these types of  Scams, it is important that you call your cell carrier ASAP to have any charges you may receive stopped.

Also, If you really want to see who deleted you, you should read my post here.

The Profile Spy, Who Deleted Me.

Damage Control For those who have fell victim. )
If you have fell victim to any of these scams, you need to clean up your facebook profile immediately by removing the posts they made to your wall and then removing plus blocking the rogue application that you may have install to your facebook profile. This will keep you from spreading this scam to your friends. It will also stop the rogue application from accessing your profile any longer. Please follow the link below for help with this procedure if you don't know where to begin.

Stay Virus Free

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