Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scam: Google Now Hiring People To Work From Home.

The Scam
"Breaking News: Google Now Hiring People To Work From Home"
( Facebook Event )
Google Now Hiring People to Work From Home!

Facebook users should be aware that this "Work At Home" scam is being spread around the site today. It may come with different headlines, accompanied text and links, but it is all part of the same fake job scam. This scam tries to claim that several well know News entities feature and back the program. This is a false statement. Do not fall into the trap. If you are sent an invite to an even such as the one above, report the even to facebook. See examples.

Example Scam Sites
"Click To Enlarge"

Below is an example facebook event dealing with the above scam. The pictures also show how to report the event.

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Example Reporting
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More info:
Work at home spam spreads via Twitter.

"Jobs with Google" scam spammed out on Twitter

Remember - If Google is hiring, you will find it on Google's site.

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