Monday, January 31, 2011

Amazon customers with older accounts should change their password.

Some of the customer accounts at appear to suffer from a password security flaw, writes Wired's Dylan Tweney. The flaw, which only effect accounts that have not had the password changed in a long time, could allow a person to log in to the account using several variations of an eight-character password.

"The flaw lets Amazon accept as valid some passwords that have extra characters added on after the 8th character, and also makes the password case-insensitive," writes Wired's Dylan Tweney. "For example, if your password is 'Password,' will also let you log in with 'PASSWORD,' 'password,' 'passwordpassword,' and 'password12345."

Full Report Here: Security Flaw Accepts Passwords That Are Close, But Not Exact

The Fix:
If you haven't changed your user account password in a very long time, it is suggested that you log in to your account a change it immediately. You can even use the same password if you like. Simply navigating to the password management area and retyping in your old password will correct the issue.

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