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Watch Out For 2 Facebook Ads That Lead to Work At Home Scams.


I received a report yesterday which detailed 2 questionable Facebook ads. One of the ads appears to have been running on the platform for more than three weeks. I can not confirm if the ads are still in circulation at this time, but I will advise users to watch out for them at all times. As you will see in the screenshot included below, both appear to offer great paying online jobs. There have been several scams on Facebook in the past and a few currently circulating, that try to dupe those looking for employment into believing they can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with very little effort. They also try to claim that several well know News entities like, CNN, BBC or MSNBC feature and back the program. These are false claims and statements. Do not fall into the trap. 

Since the user who submitted the report put quite a bit of research into rooting out these scam ads, I will simply place the information they sent to me, into this report. I will include a few more detail reports in the related resources section of this report.

The Users Original Report (Thanks for Submitting It )
There are a number of job ads currently running on Facebook which display incorrect/fake urls. When you click on the ads you get taken to a fake news website and not to the url in the ad. Below I have included a screenshot of the ads as they may appear next to users news feeds. The two ads, (Ad 1 and Ad 3), marked with a red box and yellow arrow next to them are the scams.


The first ad, which says actually goes to and then redirects to:


The second ad which says redirects to and then redirects again to another fake news website:


The second ad has been running on Facebook for at least 3 weeks now.

A reverse ip search on shows a large number of dubious websites on the same server. These included other fake blogs and fake news sites promoting various scams such as: acai berry, teeth whitening, work at home scams, penny auctions, and fake youtube survey sites....

SS Advice:
Remember, the only person making six figures in these types of online careers are the scam artists who are spamming these advertisements out. You should refrain from clicking these types of ads on the Facebook platform and should always use extreme caution when looking for work online. If it looks to good to be true, the odds are not in your favor that it is true. Below I have listed some helpful information on reporting these types of scam ads to Facebook, plus some previous scam reports.

How Do I Report An Ad I see on Facebook?
This help topic covers reporting an ad you saw on your  Facebook homepage, next to a profile, group, photo or other page within the site.

This Is The Report Form:

Other Resources:

Work from home scams target those looking to earn some extra cash

Work at home spam spreads via Twitter, with a little help from TweetMeme (Hit Facebook To)

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