Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook Account Lockout - Please Run a McAfee Virus Scan.

I received a question from a fan of The Bulldog Estate earlier today and would like to past along both the question and my answer to the question. The question has to do with a little known Facebook feature which may lock you out of your Facebook account based on a possible malware infection on your computer. This is not a new feature, in fact it's been around since 2010, but it's not normally seen and may scare or throw you off a bit when and if it ever pops up for you. Please see the information below..

The Fan's Question:
"I was wondering if you can tell me if my 2nd account was hacked. It is saying I have malware loaded and it is asking me to use malware software. Wont let me log in but it seems to be facebook doing it. Not sure what is going on."

My Answer:
You're seeing that message because Facebook detected suspicious patterns in the way your account was being used. They say the patterns suggest that your computer might be infected with malware.

To help you keep both your account and the files on your computer secure, they request you allow McAfee to scan and clean your computer of any possible infections. Since they are partnered with McAfee, they allow you to do this for free by logging into Facebook and following the on-screen directions when prompted..

Example Of McAfee Virus Scan On Facebook - Click to Enlarge

So it's not a scam and safe for you to do what they ask you too. Once you have allowed McAfee to scan your computer for any possible infections and clean them, you should be able to log back into your account normally. Also it is safe for you to remove McAfee once the process is complete.

Better Security through Software

When I log in to Facebook, I see a message telling me I have a virus and need to scan my computer with anti-virus software.

Side Note:
If you are seeing a message asking you to do a malware scan AFTER you try to login at, then it is safe.. Like for instance: You go to and enter your login information and then Facebook prompts you to do the scan. That is safe..

If you receive a message like that BEFORE you even login to Facebook, then it is NOT safe. Like for instance: As soon as you try to visit a box pops up telling you about a malware infection and won't even let you access the login page. It may even ask you to purchase software, pay to regain access or even try to force you to complete a survey.. If that is the case You have a form of "Ransomware" and need to have a full Anti-virus scan done on your computer immediately.

~Black Knight

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