Sunday, March 10, 2013

Facebook - How to Stop The Facebook Black Scam From Posting On Your Behalf.

The current version of the "Facebook Black" scam uses a browser plug-in to continually re-share the scam message and tag random friends in that message. If you have a friend who has fallen for the scam, (or any other ), and they can't seem to stop it from posting, guide them to follow the directions below.

Step 1. - Precautionary Measure (Clean Up Your Facebook Apps)

Please follow the directions given in the Facebook help topic below. It will tell you how to remove any bad apps you may have installed on your Facebook account.

How do I remove or delete an app from my account?

Step 2. - Removing The Rogue Browser Add-on Associated with (Facebook Black)

Once you've finished Step 1, read the following topic on my site for help with dealing with Rogue Browser Add-ons.

Help Topic - How To Avoid Rogue Browser Plug-ins. - (Browser Additions)

See the section marked "Getting Rid of a Rogue Browser Addition." Below it, the Resources section will help you figure out how to remove any bad browser add-ons you may have installed in your browser.

Step 3. - Precautionary Measure (Change Your Password)

Changing your password will ensure it wasn't compromised during the spam attack. It will also ensure no one is posting spam through your account because they have your login information or your "Post By Email" address.

How do I reset my password? (This Will Only Allow You To Reset Your Password)

The link below goes to Facebook's Account Recovery Page. This security feature will allow you to regain full control over your account after it has been compromise by Phishing or hacking. The process will allow you to reset your Facebook Password, Security Question and Your "Post By Email" Address.

Facebook's Hacked Account Recovery Process.

Step 4. - Profile Clean Up

Once you have completed steps 1 through 3 it is necessary for you to remove all of the post that have been made to your profile, that points your friends to the scam. You don't want others falling for it. The Facebook help topics below show you how to remove items from your Timeline.

How do I delete something posted on my timeline?

How do I remove a link that I posted?

Additional information:

If the scam has created Fan Pages, Groups or Events as you, these Facebook help topics will show you how to remove them.

How do I delete a Page?

How do I delete a group?

How do I delete or cancel an event I created?

Stay Safe

~Black Knight

PS> Even though I've listed these clean up instructions in conjunction with the Facebook Black Scam, they are not only for that scam. These instructions can be followed ANY similar scam on Facebook.

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I am a computer repair technician with over 15 years experience and have been computer security and information privacy enthusiast for the last 4 years. I've helped literally thousands of individuals fix their issues by offering help through various blogs and Facebook pages. I like teaching myself and others new things, and believe in freely sharing knowledge.


  1. Thanks, Black Knight! A few of my friends have posted this.
    By the way, I am a follower of "The Bulldog Estate" and will be keeping your page on my watch list too!

  2. when i was stupid enough to click this turn fb black it made new pages on my account under weird names, i got rid of the scam but the pages remained, anyway you can help get rid of them?

    1. If the scam has created Fan pages, groups or events as you, these Facebook help topis will show you how to remove them.

      How do I delete a Page?

      How do I delete a group?

      How do I delete or cancel an event I created?

      This information will be added to the topic. Thanks for bringing it up.

      ~Black Knight