Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scam Alert - Beware Of Scams Using The Publishers Clearing House Name.

Make sure you are on guard for two (2) scams currently making the rounds. These scams involve unsolicited emails and phone calls from people claiming to be with PCH (Publishers Clearing House).

PCH Scam Type 1: Fraudulent Emails In The Name of PCH
Avoid all unsolicited emails that claim your email address has been selected a winner of the "PCH! Finance Bonanza". The emails instruct you to contact a Mr. Paul Anderson and provide personal information such as, Name, Date Of Birth and Social Security Number in your response, to claim your prize. An example of the email has been provided below.

Example - Fraudulent Email and Header. (Click To Enlarge)

It's quite obvious that this email is not from Publishers Clearing House and is an attempt to Phish personal information and money from those who reply to it. The email header shows quite clearly that the email did not come from the PCH domain and the reply email address isn't in that domain either. Publishers Clearing House does not hold contest in which random email addresses belonging people who never entered a contest with them, are selected as winners. They also do NOT send e-mails requesting personal banking, financial information or Social Security numbers in connection with a prize.

PCH Scam Type 2: Fraudulent Phone Calls In The Name of PCH
In the last few days there has been an increase of people receiving unsolicited phone calls from scammers claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. The callers state that you have won a prize and must provide them with personal information and a payment to receive the prize. Publishers Clearing House does not charge individuals to claim prize awards. If you receive an unsolicited or "Out-Of-The-Blue" phone call claiming to be from PCH and the caller states you have won something but need to pay to receive the prize, hang up immediately.

Avoid These Types of PCH Scams By Remembering These helpful Tips.
  1. Publishers Clearing House does not charge individuals to claim prize awards.
  2. Publishers Clearing House does NOT send e-mails or make unsolicited phone calls requesting personal banking information, other financial information or Social Security numbers in connection with a prize.
  3. If you have not entered a sweepstakes with PCH you will not be selected as a winner by them.
What to Do If You've Fallen Victim to a PCH Scam.
If you believe you have fallen victim to a scam using the Publishers Clearing House name and or logo contact PCH immediately by calling 1-800-645-9242. You are also advised to contact your local consumer protection office or the National Fraud Center at If you have made the mistake of handing over a Banking information or a credit card number, you should call your bank or credit provider as soon as possible to have them remove or dispute the charges that have or maybe made to the card. 

PCH Learning Center - Fraud Protection

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Stay Safe
~Black Knight

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